Ice Cream Maker Recipes: Tasty, impressive, easy

Ice Cream Maker Recipes – Website Mission

Ice cream maker recipes have become much more popular with the prevalence of new inexpensive machines and new ideas that are flowering up all over the internet. With so many ingredient options, from chocolate to coconut, there are a multitude of flavors that are floating around, just ready to be plucked. My vision with this website is to catalog recipes, teaching my visitors new treats that tickle the taste buds, and open a new door into blissful comfort. I also want to provide an information hub that will help my visitors choose a good ice cream maker machine for them, displaying a different array of options. I also want to showcase great recipe books from trusted experts that contain great ideas.

The ice cream maker recipes presented here are all relatively easy to make, and I encourage you to add your own special touches to them. After all, new recipes would not be possible without innovation, trial and error. If one idea does not work, do not give up because of failure; keep trying new things that work and eventually you will make something that impresses not only your guests, but yourself. There are many flavors of ice cream out there that no one has attempted yet, and you could be the one to discover it. With that said, not all ice cream maker recipes need to focus on ice cream; you can also try using the machine to create slushies or margaritas!

Ice Cream Maker Machines

With so many different ice cream machines out in the market today, I want to try to provide an honest appraisal and help you make a decision that will make you the happiest.

Depending on the ice cream maker recipe being used, you might want to consider different options for machines, which can vary in size and texture, or even how they are operated.

Manual Machines

These machines are small and storable. Unlike electric machines, these require you to spin a crank with ice and rock salt in order to produce the ice cream. These machines also create only a few servings of ice cream, compared to electric machines which can provide enough servings to feed a family. Try these machines if you want something affordable and you are looking out mostly to feed yourself. This can be a fun activity for kids, but it can get tiring; the crank needs to be used for 15-20 minutes in order to fully complete the ice cream.

Depending on your ingredients and what supplies you bring, manual machines can be brought to work or even on camping trips. The trick is to keep the milk cool and your ice frozen. Powdered milk can also be used for certain recipes, which takes out the hassle of keeping your milk fresh. Try new things, and see what works for you!

Electric Machines

Ice cream maker

A typical counter top device.

Varying in size and structure, these machines can range from affordable to luxury. The most common electric machine goes on the counter top, and requires you to freeze your own bowl in the freezer before use. The bowl and the mixture have to be used relatively quickly when being prepared, and then the bowl has to be cleaned and put back into the freezer to make another batch. You can only make one batch at a time with a counter top electric machine. When not in use, it is advisable to unplug the machine.

Other electric machines include placing it inside the freezer, or it comes with its own freezer for you to use.

If you want to make ice cream for a party, you will want a large machine. You will also need to consider the ice cream maker recipes that you can use on it as well, as you will probably need to add more ingredients in order to fulfill such high demand. This commercial grade ice cream maker is more permanent, and cannot be easily disassembled. Don’t count on moving this around too much. You also will not be able to easily power it down once it’s running. These usually come with a spout that dispenses the ice cream. Larger machines typically do not work well with adding individual chunks of ingredients, so if you want to experiment with different flavors, consider getting a counter top machine instead. The ice cream maker recipes on this website should be able to be used with any machine.

Base Ingredients

Depending on the ice cream maker recipes you want to use, there are similar ingredients based on the style of ice cream you want to produce. Ice cream is typically made with milk, cream, and sugar. If you’re looking to make frozen yogurt instead, you will want to use low fat yogurt instead of milk and cream. Many of the recipes on this website will call for a variation of added ingredients to this base.

Milk and sugar are typically your most affordable ingredients, while cream will be a higher price. The extra ingredients used can vary in price, but will still be affordable. As long as you have an ice cream maker, you will be set to create a delicious treat.

Using an Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream maker recipes are only part of a process of creating a frozen dessert. The base you create with these recipes need to be added when the machine is ready to go and the bowl is frozen and in place. Place the base into the bowl and turn on the machine and it will start churning the ingredients. After about fifteen to twenty minutes, turn off the machine and scrape out the ice cream from the bowl. If you want the ice cream to be soft, eat it right away; if you want it to be more like a parlor style of ice cream, freeze it for an additional two to five hours. Store the ice cream in a different container, clean the bowl, and put it back in the freezer to prepare it for another round.

Ice Cream Mixes

If you’re looking for a flavor base and you don’t feel like making it yourself, there are a variety of options for mixes.

Ice cream mixes are a bit of a gray area for me. Even though it’s convenient, I find the best recipes are made through your own work. It feels more special and homely, while mixes feel very heartless. Plus, the variety you will find on this website will be much more than what you can buy from a mix. Use these mixes sparingly, and create your own recipes!

Other Ice Cream Maker Recipes

This website tries to find interesting ice cream maker recipes but you can find many more options in specially made recipe books! If you have a suggestion for a unique recipe, do not be afraid to contact me. I try to have a variety of different high quality recipes from different high quality recipe books and websites. If I can help it, I will always credit my source and give them your attention because they truly deserve it. I only handpick the best ice cream maker recipes to be on this website. Happy eating!